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Land Map

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Land Map
Master Menti's Garden Wonderland of the Beginning Land of Thoughts Land of Feelings Land of Understanding Dreamland Land of Troubles Land of Acceptance Land of Heroes Honoring

Master Menti's Garden

This is where it all begins, in Master Menti's garden. The child meets the Master and the magical Noodly Dragon and gains knowledge about the program and the adventures and puzzles waiting for him.

Wonderland of the Beginning

In the first lesson, for which we spend 3 days, the child gets acquainted with the concept of self-acceptance and self-love. This is a very important topic, which is indeed the foundation of working on your emotional intelligence and mental skills.

Land of Thoughts

In the Land of Thoughts, Master Menti will guide your child through a lesson about our thoughts, understanding and mastering them. The child will learn how to deal with intrusive thoughts and begin to discover that he is not his thoughts. It is very important to learn how to catch unconscious thoughts that affect our well-being and emotional state.

Land of Feelings

Thanks to the lesson in the Land of Emotions, the child will learn how to recognize, express and name their own emotions and how to interpret them in relation to the situations in which they find themselves. This is the next stage of the whole process, which aims to increase the mental skills of our children.

Land of Understanding

In Lesson 4 in the Land of Understanding your child will learn how to deal with difficult emotions, how to transform them into other emotions and how to use movement and imagination to change emotions. Knowing and training these skills is crucial for balance and mental well-being.


A stay in the Land of Dreams is a lesson for your child in setting goals and making dreams come true. The child will learn how to support the realization of their dreams by working with their imagination and how to build self-confidence in the success of their steps.

Land of Troubles

Thanks to the lesson in the Land of Troubles, the child will learn how to best approach problems and what mental habit is helpful in this. Training to focus on the solution will bring many benefits to the young mind later in life.

Land of Acceptance

In Lesson 7, Master Menti will take the child to the Land of Adaptation, where they will face the knowledge of the Stone Reality scroll. The child will learn that not everything depends on us and sometimes the only way is the way of acceptance, which also requires training, strength and courage.

Land of Heroes

In the last Lesson 8, the Adept will practice the skills of the hero for 3 weeks, developing a focus on the skills of which he is not entirely sure. It's a long lesson that requires solid training in previous lands and is a real test.


At the very end, you must award and accept your child as Kung Mind Fu Warriors, i.e. those who follow the path of mastery in mastering their mind. Until a tear rolls in the eye of Master Menti and Noodli, who knows maybe your child. Of course, there will also be prizes!